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No exercise, no shakes, and no expensive pre-packaged food!

ChiroThin is a dietary supplement that contains a host of amino acids, hunger and cravings suppression, blood sugar stabilization, detoxification and improved fatty acid transportation and fatty acid metabolism. The Diet Now that you have made the decision to get your health under control, it is time to start the Doctor Supervised ChiroThin program.


The ChiroThin program is broken down into 3 parts:

  • Loading

  • Losing

  • Maintaining

The ChiroThin nutritional support formula is taken sublingually; this means under the tongue. Sublingual application is very effective at getting nutrients and / or substances into the blood stream as the sublingual region has a high blood supply and a high degree of permeability, which allows for maximum absorption.

It is important that you follow the ChiroThin program as directed. Begin taking the ChiroThin nutritional support formula on Day 1 and continue taking through day 38. Discontinue taking the ChiroThin nutritional support formula on day 39.


Do not skip or miss taking the drops. You will get very hungry and may experience fluctuations in your blood sugar levels.


Because not missing the drops is so important, many of our clients purchase a second bottle to keep at work. You will place the drops, as directed, under your tongue and hold without swallowing for 1-2 minutes. After holding in mouth for the allotted time, swallow the drops. Try to avoid eating or drinking for 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after putting the drops in your mouth. We recommend taking the drops 3 times per day, the concept is every 7 hours and this time schedule will usually work for most people, even those who work midnights or swing shifts.

If you're serious about losing weight safely and naturally, you've come to the right place. Contact Rocky Hill Weight Loss of Rocky Hill, CT for all your weight loss needs. You can count on over 30 years of experience for all your health needs.

  • During days 1 and 2 it is perfectly normal for an individual to experience a slight weight gain.

  • During days 3-5 it is common for a person to lose 1.5-3 pounds per day.

  • After the fifth day, the amount of weight that is lost on a daily basis begins to decrease.

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